Eagle Valley Eco Fuel Inc.

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Welcome to Eagle Valley Eco Fuel, home of Brickenmore brand products. Eagle Valley Eco Fuel was established in 2012. In 2013, Eagle Valley Eco Fuel was awarded the honor to display the USDA Biopreferred Label on all products manufactured, testing at 100% biobased product contents. In November 2013,  Eagle Valley Eco Fuel earned the Green Circle Award,  from the State of CT, for a superior environmentally friendly process, product and solution offered by removal, manufacture and end product solutions, the quest to assist with the completef removal of non-point contaminants of precious waters ways and lands.  While reducing the carbon footprint  and reducing the consumption of fossil fuels remain at the forefront or Eagle Valley's efforts. The manufacturing of Brickenmore products is completely free of chemical additives, totally renewable resource and leaves no byproducts in the process.